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Welcome to Baltic Spirit,

We have hand picked a selection of premium spirits from the two foremost distilleries in Latvia.  From  one of the oldest, Latvijas Balzams, and from Jaunalko, one of the youngest.  Whilst both distilleries craft their Spirits with time honoured traditions dating back centuries, they incorporate modern production technologies, thus ensuring consistent standards of premium quality award winning Spirits.  Equal if not better than any top shelf spirits.

Our selected Spirits will please any discerning taste and do not contain any artificial flavours, colours nor sweeteners.  The grains, berries, and botanicals are specially chosen for their purity and freshness.  After picking, the berries and fruit are immediately infused into the spirit base, thus giving the spirits a clean live taste, as though one has savoured freshly picked berries from the bush.  Only with the highest standards of purity and quality of ingredients, are the natural fruit and berry flavours, and aromas superbly highlighted, with nothing artificial.

The Sandthorn infused vodka, and Cloudberry liqueur, are made from berries that are unique to Northern Europe, and never before been available in Australia.  Each with its own distinctive identity.  Amongst the Liqueurs we have, the delicately sweet and smooth Raspberry liqueurRiga Black Balsam Cream Liqueur, made with the famous Riga Black Balsam Bitters, but is so light, smooth and creamy;  Moka Coffee liqueur, just like the best short black with an extra kick, but without the bite;  The Gins, are smooth and delicately aromatic with infused botanicals, easily drunk straight or blended into cocktails;  Vodkas,  The clear rye and wheat vodkas are charcoal filtered, each having its own relish and style, clean, smooth, and with a clear after taste;  To finish, we have the quintessential world famous Riga Black Balsam Bitters.  Its recipe with 17 botanicals has not essentially changed since its inception in 1752 in “Riga” by pharmacist “Abraham Kunze” as a “Life’s Elixir”.  A strong dark spirit imbibed straight as a digestive or liqueur, and equally at home in a variety of cocktails and desserts.  A lighter and sweeter version is the Riga Black Balsam Currant.

Arsenitch Sandthorn, Arsenitch Green Apple vodkas, and Riga Black Balsam Currant, have each won Silver Medals in “The International Wine and Spirit Competition 2011” (www.iwsc.net).

As you can see, we have something for the most discerning tastes, and we are proud to be able to bring this exciting, unique selection to Australia.

A true Taste of Latvia.